Mailing services are available and a great way to expedite many of your projects. As a creative, the presentation of the final product is immensely important to you. Be sure and protect your design from a crooked label or poorly affixed stamp covering part of our design. We offer a range of services, and products involving direct mail options such as envelopes or postcards will provide options to incorporate mailing services. The following will provide a guide to the terms and process for taking advantage of these services.

First, pick your postal mailing method - Standard and first class mail are the two most common options. The main difference is the cost per piece. If you elect to purchase a postal carrier route list from TAG, you can also utilize a program referred to as Every Door Direct Mail. This will provide the lowest per piece cost - sometimes as low as 16 cents per piece. There are requirements for each category of mailing. Please connect with one of our specialists to find the right approach for your project.

Mailing Lists - You will be prompted to send us your mailing list, upload it during the buying process or to provide details for TAG to supply a list based on your criteria. If you provide a file, please be sure you have your data in a consistent format. TAG accepts Excel formats (XLS, XLSX) or Comma Separated Values (CSV) files. What you supply is what will be used to print either through a variable data print process or via inkjetter. Be sure the data is correct. TAG can supply updated NCOA (National Change of Address) information back to you. It is a requirement of the US Post Office that every list be processed by a valid NCOA system. TAG will perform this for you.

Personalization - If you will be adding elements of personalization to a digital print project, please include the mailing information and personalization data in the same file so that all data is consistently placed on the final piece.

With millions of pieces going to the post office from TAG's experts each year, our team can certainly help with your one time or recurring mail program needs. Make your life easy, and get the best rate by calling us 603-703-0795.