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RSVP Cards

Quick overview:
How can you have a party without knowing the guest list? Use these RSVP cards to ensure your next gathering is a hit.

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Starting at  $40.00 for 100 Price:

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How can you have a party without knowing the guest list? Use these RSVP cards to ensure your next gathering is a hit.

Additional Information

White Ink Process No

File Prep for Digital and Commercial Print

For specific information regarding white ink, please visit:

For specific information regarding die-cut products, please visit:

General File Preparation Requirements

We now you’re a great creative with amazing ideas. We want to be sure those concepts come to life in the final printed product. You can help us ensure your vision is realized. A few simple steps will get us on the way.

PDF Format

We love to use your PDF whenever possible because it ensures the integrity of your original design. However, if we must make edits or alterations to ensure a quality print piece is produced, we will sometimes need your native files so please be sure to Zip or Stuff all your files and send them along.


the most common issue we find in files is that images, colors, or anything else that’s intended to be cut-off the edge of the paper is not extended at least an 1/8” beyond the edge. Ideally, we always recommend a ¼”. But our craftsmen are so good, they’ll be happy with the 1/8”.

Folding Materials

Anytime there is a fold, there has to be a slight shift in the panel size. Sure, you can take an 8.5 x 11 and make it a trifold, but think about that inside panel…. It can’t possibly be the same size as the other panels. We will simply trim off a 1/16” or if the stock is one of our super thick stocks, we need to trim a bit more. Please account for this in your design.

Book Setup

Books should always be setup as standard page orders and spreads in your native program (i.e. Adobe InDesign). This means, the cover should be a single, and then as you scroll through the document, you should see pages 2 and 3 side by side as reader spreads, but they must be two separate pages. Let our team worry about putting your book into printer spreads for press time. Just make amazing single pages and we’ll do the rest.

Specialty Inks

Whenever using a specialty metallic or varnish or even foil, be sure to indicate this as a non-CMYK color in your file. It’s ok if you choose a PMS or varnish from the list of ink colors available, simply make sure you let TAG know what that color truly is. And, for specialty techniques such as foil stamping/sleeking or white ink, we need to be sure your layers are correct. We can print white underneath images to give them a vibrant true appeal on dye colored stock or we can print white on top as part of the final image. Be sure to indicate your layers correctly in your file, and never hesitate to provide us special instructions or to even chat with our team. We are here to help.

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